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fugo2fuɡɔn1animal that has horns used for drinking wine traditionally - 'ndugo fugo' animals2rat mole's escape hole1.6.4.1Animal movement

láalɑɑ🔊vsoarPou laa nki wʉgʉ ngɨʉ nzẅeiʼ ndɨga ntʉʉ pou.They stole/borrowed our song and taught it in their school. movement

láa ŋgweilɑɑ ŋɡweivsoar and pick (ie. a bird picks a fowl). movement

ndii siɛʼndii siʔænpeck (of chicken)ndii siɛʼ1.6.4.1Animal movement

ŋwéeŋŋwẽẽ🔊vland, perch1.6.4.1Animal movement

sẅèeʃɥee🔊v1slither (snake) movement2persuade, convince, compel3.3.3.5Compel3.3.3.3Persuade3leave clandestinely7.2.6.3Escape

tìɛʼtiʔæv1scratch, as of fowlMuŋgu chwo niŋ ntiɛʼ yooŋzu no fɨ mbwo paiŋ pe. Chicken was walking and pecking at food to give to her children. movement2search