te1advso much so that...Zɨʉ kieʼ Mbouʼmbi kweɨ, te mɨyooŋ mʉŋʉ ma kuaʼ nɨnee ŋgɨʉ.” You see how God has helped, so much so that our things all rose up and went."9.2.2Adverbs2interja word used to indicate an emotional effect of the following clauseA gieʼ, “Te ma nzu kɨ ?” He said, "So what will I eat?"9.2.7Interjections3advuntilA faʼ te ŋkyeŋHe worked until he was tired.9.2.2Adverbs4advgives the effect to the preceding verb that the person should try to do that action (not knowing if there will be success or not). (Only used with verbs in imperative mood.)Kuaʼ sye te!Try to get up!